A little bit of background

In September 2008, during a break in a safari tour, Sheryl and her husband took a taxi from Lake Manyara to Arusha. As fate would have it, the only other passenger was Peter Makemo, Samwel’s nephew. During the hour-long trip, Peter outlined his future plans: to complete his studies to become a pastor, as well supporting his uncle’s orphanage. Sheryl and Peter kept in touch through emails over the following 3 years. In December 2011, Sheryl and her husband visited Arusha, spending 4 weeks there to meet all the staff and children of NOCET, to determine its budget and needs.

Samwel operates a small medical laboratory in Arusha. The orphanage depended solely on Samuel’s income for its survival. The running costs for NOCET placed great financial strain on him. At that time Joyce, Samwel’s wife – the Matron of NOCET – was living with the children in 2 basic, rented rooms of an accommodation block. These rooms didn’t have electricity or running water, a shared outside toilet, a small front yard that was a play area for neighbourhood children as well. Joyce carried 20 litres of water in a bucket on her head 5 times a day, a 1 kilometre round trip to a tap next to a main road; that water had to be paid for. A Nursery was run from one of the rooms, with a teacher paid from Samwel’s pocket. This nursery drew a very modest income for NOCET.

Samwel is a kind, generous man of modest means. Through NOCET he has taken it upon himself, along with family and volunteers, to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, of which there are many in Tanzania.

In January 2012, through the efforts of Loose Change, NOCET was moved to a 3 bedroom house. Located in a quiet, suburban area, with security walls and gate, a garden and grassed area, the house has running water [cold], electricity, indoor toilets and showers, separate bedrooms for the boys and girls, tiled floors, painted walls. All of this provides for a comfortable, safe, home environment for the children, as well as for the staff that work there. The house is close to the childrens’ schools, local shops, services and transport.
Samwel’s ultimate dream is to offer his community a resource where local people can come for health checks as well as provide opportunities for sex education classes and for vulnerable women to perhaps learn a skill to improve their earning capacity.

Earnings from Samwel’s medical laboratory funded NOCET exclusively before Loose Change became involved.

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