The New Outlook Centre Tanzania [NOCET]

NOCET is a family-run orphanage that is currently home to 7 full-time care orphans. NOCET also supports 14 other children and young adults whose families are too poor to clothe, feed and educate them.

NOCET was founded in 2006 by Samuel Pius, and registered as a Non-Government Organisation [NGO] in 2007. It has a Board, including a Secretary, volunteer Directors, and a Finance Manager.

NOCET runs a nursery school/kindergarten in the rented property, which offers local children access to early education. Half of the students are fee paying and half of the places are reserved for children from families who can't afford to send their children to such a facility.

The staff are dedicated to their objectives for the care and education of the children, as well as:

•   growing the Kinder and Nursery school

•   networking with other reputable orphanages and NGOs, especially to gain knowledge of best practice

•   and, planning for the future.

Staff at NOCET


NOCET Founder and Director



Matron [Salary paid by Loose Change]


Coordinator [Volunteer]


Full-time Nursery/Kinder teacher  [Salary paid by Loose Change]


Finance Manager [Volunteer]



Secretary [Volunteer]

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