Some successes

Abduli and his sister Amina, 3rd and 4th from right.
Their grandparents are on the left. Unfortunately Kurwa [far left] died in 2014; he was up until then the main breadwinner of the household.

Sheryl with Grace – her glasses make an enormous difference to her life.

Wenslaus touched Sheryl with his expression of gratitude for the life-changing support Loose Change has given him.

Orphaned siblings Abduli, Amina and Zuberi live with their grandparents Kurwa and Mwajuma. Along with other relatives, they all share a one-room home in a block of 5 . There is one bed in this room, and cooking is done in this small room as well. Abduli is in primary school, Amina in secondary. Thanks to Loose Change, Zuberi trained as a safari driver in 2012 and now works in the Lake Manyara area. Abduli and his sister Amina are supported by NOCET and Loose Change. Abduli was living at NOCET up until 2012, and is back with his grandparents. Zuberi sends money home to assist his family. Amina would like to be a lawyer. Life continues to be a struggle for their grandmother, who was widowed in 2014. She looks after 4 grandchildren.


Back in 2011 we noticed Grace squinting a little, but this was more apparent when the TV was installed in 2013, when the children were sitting watching the screen. Grace was sent to a local hospital to have her eyes checked, and sure enough, required glasses. For the equivalent of about $25 she is the proud owner of a pair of funky specs, and can see a blackboard properly. We hope that her performance at school will improve with her 20-20 vision.

Wenslaus is being raised by his widowed mother, who is so poor that she has struggled to house, feed, clothe him. Loose Change paid for his training as a chef. Without this support he would not have been able to attend College, nor be fed. Part of his fees covered food and accommodation. In a truly touching moment during our visit in 2013, Wenslaus gave heartfelt thanks to Sheryl, and all of the Loose Change sponsors, for giving him an opportunity in life.

Wenslaus completed his Chef’s course in November 2015 and is currently looking for a job, and, then be able to support his mother.


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