What does Loose Change do?


Loose Change provides money for:

•   the rent of the house that NOCET occupies

•   salaries of the Matron [Joyce], the Nursery teacher [Upendo] and the Co-ordinator [Adams]. From 2016, the salary of Mary, the cook, will be paid for by a Loose Change sponsor;

•   all the education costs – fees, materials, books, uniforms – of the full-time care and supported children and young adults;

•  clothing for the full-time orphans, twice a year;

•  and, sanitary napkins to enable girls to attend school all year.

During the visit in 2012, Loose Change bought bulk stationery for the Nursery and Kinder, atlas, dictionary, picture books, globe, soccer ball, marbles, bulk dry goods, grains, flour, vegetables and fruit, matches, charcoal and new clothes.

Loose Change fund-raises for wish-list items. In 2012 a bed, gas cooker, refrigerator, and a laptop were purchased. The gas cooker saved Joyce countless hours in cooking time – prior to this, meals were cooked on a charcoal-fuelled stove.

In September 2013, crockery, wash basins, cooking pots, thermos, cutlery, life-saving mosquito nets, television, work desk, electric kettle, tables, chairs, beds, storeroom shelving, bedsheets, bulk flour, grains and dry goods, cooking oil, sanitary napkins, prescription glasses for Grace, new clothes, and a set of outdoor swings were purchased.


Loose Change continuously strives towards:

•   increasing awareness of NOCET through public speaking and presentations to community groups and organisations

•   actively seeking new sponsors, donations and fund-raising to cover ever-increasing costs

•  and, the possibility of funding a purpose-built, permanent family home.

before loose change

with loose change

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