What can you do?

Please consider becoming a sponsor – we want your loose change! Sponsorship can be as little as $10 per month, preferably through electronic funds transfer. Contact Sheryl to have a sponsorship form mailed or emailed out to you, or download one from the CONTACT page.

Ask your family, friends, colleagues; the social, community, service and sporting groups you belong to; the schools your children attend; to think of initiatives for collecting their loose change.

If you have a regular lunch or dinner with friends; attend a book club, sewing group, club or community group function, Sheryl will be most happy to speak about Loose Change and NOCET with a presentation.

We live in a very rich country, blessed with choice and first world facilities, education, councils, medical centres and vast shopping complexes. Please consider donating your loose change to Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme. A simple and very effective strategy is to have a jar or tin in your pantry into which you empty out your coins every night – you’ll be amazed at how much can accumulate in a short period of time.


Creative thinking

Jacqui – friend and sponsor – in Canberra meets with her friends on a regular monthly basis. Since visiting NOCET, she has decided to re-badge her group as “The Women’s Monthly”, collecting their loose change at the end of their dinner outings, and banking it for us. This money purchases sanitary napkins for the NOCET girls who are menstruating. Until this initiative, the girls had to stay home, each missing an average of 4 days per month of school – that equates to a whole term per year.

The U3A Croydon Tuesday Patchwork Group collect their loose change when they meet each week to quilt, chat and socialise. One member acts as chief collector and banks the money each month. It’s fantastic how quickly this money adds up. The quilts that they lovingly created are now much loved by Joyce and the children under her care. The Tuesday Sketch and Paint Class, another U3A Croydon group, also collects loose change from class attendees, which is fantastic.


Jacqui’s "Women’s Monthly” Group, Canberra

The U3A Croydon Tuesday Quilting Group, Melbourne

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